045 Battaglia House

Address of the project: Colle Cavalieri, Tollo, Chieti, Italy

Owner/investor –

Architect Arch. Marco Cimini

The design of the building is based on guaranteeing an average day factor value of 4% obtained by placing windows on the west, south and east. The south window is large in order to obtain a sufficient solar contribution during the winter to guarantee full thermal autonomy, expressed in. The position of the windows on the three sides of the house allows natural ventilation to be generated in the summer, during the night, reaching CO2 values of 400ppmv. This activity, combined with the wool insulation of the walls, guarantees a comfort temperature of 25 ° C during the day and reduced noise pollution.

The design of the building was based on ensuring high comfort and therefore low energy consumption which thanks to the large south-facing windows, the elimination of thermal bridges and an excellent air tightness equal to 0.2 (V-40), with consumption 8 Kwmq using a 2.5kw heat
pump. In one year the building consumes about 220 € / year of energy for heating, cooling, cooking and lighting.

The entire structure of the building is made of wood with the exception of the concrete foundations. The wooden walls and roof are insulated with wood wool. The building has a rainwater recovery system, used for the toilets through the use of filters and garden irrigation.


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