047 Geodesic.Life project

Address of the project: Ukraine, Kyiv region

Owner/investor –

Architect: Geodesic.Life

Air quality control is realised with a hybrid system of 4 different solutions synchronised together: mechanical ventilation units, Velux Active skylights, ceiling fan and air intake thermostatic valves that help keep internal CO2 and tVOC level below the healthy threshold yet avoid mechanical noise in living rooms. As well as provide passive cooling and avoid overheating automatically. Windows and skylights have 41% ratio to floor area and are mostly headed to the East, South and West providing the best daylight penetration and passive heating. External roll shutters are used for blinding or to avoid sun overheating automatically by sun position. Ground-to-water heat pump is controlled by a smart learning thermostat for comfortable heating and conditioning through the floor and walls. Acoustic comfort is achieved by filling inner walls and slabs with hempcrete providing timber structure with stone-like sound isolation.

The shape of the hemisphere has up to 33% less envelope area than conventional buildings and has the same advantage in heat loss. Building insulation has a solid structure and sealed connections to provide A-class airtightness. Annual heating demand is 19.65 kWh/m2 and total energy demand is 43.45 kWh/m2. Ground-to-water heat pump is used for heating, cooling and DHW at an average of COP 4.13. PV supply can generate up to 5 kWh headed to S with 305 degrees azimuth and tilt distributed for two fields 30* in summer and 80* in winter. Storage lithium battery with 9 kW capacity installed for backup and efficient renewable energy distribution.

Wood frame bearing structures have a 100 years lifetime and can be reused after demolition. Roof shingles made of natural slate stone also have a 100 years lifetime and it’s easy to reuse it at the end of life. Thermathreated hardwood facade can be used 50 years and more and wood windows have good potential for renovation. Lime-based hempcrete has negative CO2 emission and 1m3 can sequester 100 kgCO2e during lifetime; that is 2500 kgCO2e for the entire building.


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