Residenza Wellness House Green (Certified)

Residenza Wellness House Green certified, received an Active House Label and satisfy Active House criteria in Comfort, Energy and Environment with an average score of Active House Radar 1,55.

All buildings can be Active Houses if, on the whole, they provide good performance. Emphasis on criteria may vary, but as long as the average score of all nine criteria equals 2,5 or less for new construction (renovation or existing buildings should score at least an average of 3,5), the building may call itself an Active House*

*According to Specification 3.0

CERTIFICATE of the Building

Building View

Active House Radar of Building A (Residential Part)

Active House Radar of Building B (Residential Part with Garage)

Status: Building Certified

Name: Residenza Wellness House Green

Type: Residential

Heating/Cooling area of residential part: 983.06 m2

Location: Italy, Cormano, Via Bergamo 11 (MI), 20032

Investor: WHG SRL

Commissioner: Alexander Kucheravy

Active House Radar Average Score: 1.55

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Active House Label

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