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Daylight: Windows area in relation to the total area of the building is 47,13%. That allows to reach the level of illumination 4,5%, as well as insolation at the level of 60%. Indicator of natural light was calculated by Velux Daylight program.

Thermal comfort: Project assumes the temperature of the air in winter not less than +19,9 0С, and not more than +24 0С in summer. This is provided by the air-water heat pump, with the recirculation and recuperation section, which can significantly save energy, consumption costs for heating and cooling of the inflow air (up to 70%).

Internal air quality: Ventilation in premises is inflow-exhaust with mechanical induction. It includs automatic of ventilation equipment (CO2 sensors) and automatic adjustment of technological and thermal parameters. In winter air recirculation is proposed to reduce the load on heat consumption.


Energy demand: To reduce energy consumption we used: effective thermal insulation of the building, heating system by the heat pump and infrared panels, ventilation systems with recirculation and recuperation section (savings up to 70%) and good U-value:
for exterior walls = 0,28 W/m²K
for the roof = 0,17 W/m²K
for the floor = 0,38 W/m²K
for windows 1,58 W/m²K

Origin of energy supply: 22,6% of energy in the building will be received from renewable energy sources from wind power station in Kherson region.


Emissions into the atmosphere: The impact on the environment is minimized, emissions to the atmosphere should be 7 kg/m2 per year.

Water demand: Due to automation and installation of water pressure regulating valves and modern economic sanitary devices water demand has
been reduced by 14% compared to the normative one.

Ecological construction: 30,4% recycling for all used building materials. 65% of the wood used for furniture should be with the FSC certificate.


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