Kindergarten of Longfor Gaobeidian Railway City

The project is a kindergarten building. In the middle of the project, is a been included sunshine atrium, which offers sufficient natural light to the public area.

In the basic Children’s living units are all southward, meeting the standards of having 3 design with hour’s sunshine at the winter solstice. The project is equipped with a central specific focus on Daylight, ventilation system with haze removing function. All of the children’s Thermal washrooms enjoy natural lighting and ventilation. The southward, westward Comfort and and eastward windows have electric window shutters to block the flare. The Ventilation exterior windows can be opened for natural ventilation in the fine days, at the same time the cross-ventilation of the courtyard can also improve the ventilation efficiency.

In the aspect of energy conservation, the basic principle is to reduce energy Energy Efficiency consumption by a better design. For example, the project can reduce energy parameters have consumption by optimizing the insulation layer, reducing the thermal been included in bridges, and providing better air tightness. Sun-shading facilities are installed the design and for the exterior windows to reduce the effect of thermal radiation in the how thoughts on use of renewable summer. The structure also takes full advantage of natural light sources and energy and uses energy-saving LED illumination devices in public areas. The heat energy efficiency recovery rate of the fresh air system reaches 75%. Eventually, through parameters have optimizing design, the energy consumption is only 9 kWh/(m2a) for heating been taken into in winters and 17kWh/(m2a) for air-condition in summers.

The main structure of the architecture is made of reinforced concrete, and sourcing of and the indoor materials are all green materials. The external walls are materials has been a coated with self-cleaning paints, to minimize the surface treatment part of the design procedures and facilitate daily cleaning and maintenance. To save strategy as well as water, the building only use water-efficient sanitary equipment, and a initiatives to reduce use of water drip irrigation system is equipped for outdoor landscapes.

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