CIFI Sustainable Demonstration Building

The project was commissioned by CIFI Group to create a small-scale sharing space in a leisure park. Unlike the centralized layout often seen in sustainable projects, the main building consists of 3 similar units that are scattered among trees as small-scaled landscape buildings: a fitness center, a lounge and a book cafe, which can be operated separately.

The natural light within the building is contributed by three elements, south-facing curtainwall, side window and roof window to the north. The daylight factor of 100% space is over 4% according to calculation.

The building is designed with “h” shape, a higher part to the north, boosting natural ventilation with chimney effect and an air deflector panel is designed to enhance the wind pressure effect. The depth control in main functional rooms is reasonable and the opening area of external window is large, which is good for indoor natural ventilation. Through simulation analysis, age of air in main functional rooms≤385s, and the ventilation rate is much more than 2 times/h.

Main structures of prefabricated timberwork, louvers of prefabricated carbonized wood and the interior OSSB boards correspond to the zero-carbon concept from perspectives of materials and construction. The timber structure and the interior OSB board are FSC certificated materials.

Architectural elements of the 3 units were classified into various groups of standardized modules with green technology. Through modification and combination, these modules can adapt to various spaces and facilitate comparative studies and promotion of sustainable technologies, which may also minimize the impact during construction.

Sustainable drainage strategies have been integrated into the landscape, too: Green roofs and a permeable courtyard can purify and retain rainwater.

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