Large windows improve the living environment, create a cosy and comfortable atmosphere while reducing the demand for electricity and cost of artificial lighting. Natural light influx to the premises is designed using the Daylight factor DF.


In order to have a well-lit room, the average DF should be 5% or more. Wooden energy-efficient triple-pane windows with warm edge spacer and low-e glass. It uses only FSC certified wood profiles, M1 emission adhesives and paints. Specially selected materials to control emissions of volatile organic compounds and ensure a healthy indoor climate.
The products also have a low CO2 footprint. Controlled ventilation system with 95% heat recovery consistently provides fresh air. Every two hours fresh filtered air replaces the stale air inside the home, removing excess moisture and therefore preventing mould formation. High-quality ventilation, heating and cooling systems provide a healthy and comfortable indoor environment using very little energy.


Geothermal system with a „ground-water“ heat pump extracts the energy stored in a soil, where temperatures are constant throughout the year, and supplies home with heat all year around. The heat pump performs an additional function – cools down the premises during hot summer days.The heat pump with a coefficient of performance (COP) of 4.8 preserves the environment and ensures low heating costs. Cleverly designed home envelope components, minimising thermal bridging and ensuring a high level of airtightness. Thermal insulation materials made of recycled content, having
responsible sourcing CoC (Chain of Custody) certificates and high thermal performance. Heat and chill is transferred to premises through a special
engineer-designed tubular and capillary tube system that provides maximum thermal comfort at the lowest cost.

Walls U = 0.11 W/m2K
Roof U = 0.10 W/m2K
Floor U = 0.12 W/m2K
Windows U = 0.90 W/m2K


All the materials have EU and other environmental certificates and declarations, confirming that it is harmless to human and environment (for example: mineral wool insulation and OSB without formaldehyde resins, decorative plaster and paint without volatile organic compounds (VOC’s)). Selected materials and solutions have a minimal impact on the environment throughout their whole life cycle. Environmental product characteristics of different materials were compared by examining their environmental product declarations (EPD), which main criteria are: environmental
impact (global warming, acidification of land and water, etc.), resource use (use of primary energy, fresh water, non-renewable raw materials, etc.), waste disposal (hazardous, non-hazardous and radioactive waste) and output flows (reuse, recycling). To facilitate recyclability and reuse of the materials at its end-life, building elements are connected using dry processes, i.e. using fasteners (nails, screws, rods, plates). During major renovations or demolition stage it allows to duly separate different building materials, so that they can be recycled or re-used.

Additional documents:

We want to realize this project on a private sector an area of 7.75 ha (50°44’58.1″N 25°15’58.6″E) with appropriate appointments of this project. The total area of the building for housing 18 680 sq.m, area of non-residential buildings 2800 sq.m, parking 4760 sq.m, for 180 families. Our mission is to create the most comfortable conditions, in terms of location, engineering, using of quality environmental materials and the natural environment for a healthy life of people.



-two-level apartments
-private houses
-closed parking

Social and cultural building:

-food shop
-housing and public office
-family cafe

Street space:

-sports complex (minifootball, basketball, volleyball, tennis court, sports equipment)
-square (barbecue area, street sauna)
-cycling and running tracks, landscaping with plants and trees
-underground assorted rubbish bins
-closed perimeter of the territory
-solar station on the roof of parking
-wind generators

Next project
The NO.1 School in Tianjin High-tech Area
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