"DELIGHT.MI" is a social housing who hosts three different types of residences (standard large and duplex), mostly orientated north-south. The standard one has got a decent daylight factor mostly concentrated on the living room which is exposed to south, while the bedrooms face north.


The “large” and “duplex” homes are different beacause they all have been designed with large curtain walls that provide great illumination; the particular “container” form is great because it shades the sun light especially in summer. The light can be controlled also by exterior curtains. Even the ground floor spaces are very luminous espe­cially the bistrot and the reading room which are also delimitated by curtain walls.

The Thermal Confort is guarantee by an exterior insulation on the platform frame building (U=0,147 W/m2K), while the steel buildings are covered with a ventilated cladding (U=0,112 W/m2K).


The basic focus was to minimize the use of energy thanks to a correct insulation of the buil­dings, in particular the attention was directed to the thermal bridges that has been avoided thanks to an external insulation. The ventilated cladding systems are good because they keep the insulation dry thanks to the convective motion behind the panels and they also protect the structure in order to guarantee the duration of the facade. The building has also been designed to guarantee transversal ventilation. Another focus of the project was to pro­duce renewable energy thanks to both photovoltaic panels and solar heating collectors placed on the roofs. A geothermal system was also built to gain some energy from the ground.


The whole project occupies a little space compared to the lot which is mostly wooded; so the first intent was to save the forest behind in order to have natural cooling system. The wood building is certified and the other buildings was also made by steel also to be full recyclable. In order to reduce the use of water a structure for collecting the rain water for toilets and gardening has been established.


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