Family house Dragomelj



High comfort and comfortable indoor conditions were achieved with deliberate planning of ventilation system, natural lightning and acoustic comfort that was included in architectural solutions.

Architectural design of the house is designed in a way, to ensure natural light in all living rooms. Average daylight level of living areas is above 5%. Children rooms in first floor combine vertical windows with flat roof windows to ensure high level of daylight (6,2%) and enough daylight in the whole room. All widows are shaded with outside shading to prevent overheating. In addition, a balcony on the south side provide additional shading of the windows during the summer months. With deliberate selection of built materials and insulation overheating through the construction is minimized. The air quality is ensured with a combination of ventilation system with heat recovery and natural ventilation. For better indoor acoustic special acoustic boards were used in living area, to improve inner acoustic.



House is planned in a holistic way, to ensure optimal efficiency of the usable space, with high comfort standard and compact volume to optimize energy efficiency. With installed PV cells the concept of energy efficiency is upgraded to concept of self-sufficiency.

House is built as a prefabricated wooden house. The envelope is designed and build according to nearly zero energy standards, with optimal thermal insulation, air tight envelope, which ensure minimum heating and cooling demand. Whole energy demand together with warm water and lightning is 42,1 kWh/m2. With the use of heat pump with COP 3,8 the final need of energy is even lower. The electricity is produced on site through PV cells installed on the car port next to the house. The percentage of renewable energy supply is 194%.



The goal to reduce negative environment impact results in chosen materials as well as in the concept of the house.

The materials were chosen with the aspect of environmental load, which was evaluated within LCA. Bearing construction is made with wood, which has FSC certificate. Due to PV cells and deliberate construction materials GWP and PE loads are minimized.

With the green roof the concept of the house aims to reduce environmental loads. Green roof is placed on the whole roof of the house and offers a substitute habitat for insects and plants. In addition, the green roof ensures cleaner air around the house. It also reduces overheating of the roof in summer and therefore ensure better inner comfort.

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