The building is in the mountain forest, and the microclimates such as air, temperature and humidity are of high quality,the landscape is beautiful and pleasant. The main space of the building adopts a fully open design. While watching the scenery, the sunlight can be directly diffused into the space through the open façade. The Velux skylight is used on the top of the main space to enhance the illumination while preventing harmful ultraviolet rays. The lighting coefficient is up to 15.5%. The open space accounts for 90% of the total area. In the overall layout of the plan, a plurality of ventilation corridors are evenly arranged to reduce the air age, and the indoor wind speed is uniform, thereby improving the comfort of the human senses. There are exhaust fans in the toilets for men and women, which can remove the odor through the exhaust pipe below the toilet to maintain air quality.


The building is in the forest and the light is naturally soft. Sunlight can be diffused directly into the space through the open façade, and the Velux skylight is used on the top of the main space. During the daytime, the main space can have bright illumination without turning on the lights, saving a lot of power. The open space accounts for 90% of the total area. In the overall layout of the plan, multiple ventilation corridors are set up, and passive adjustment measures such as hot pressure ventilation and convection ventilation are effectively utilized. A small number of fans are provided at the top to improve the air flow efficiency, and no air conditioning is required. That is to achieve a comfortable temperature and humidity environment, a large reduction in energy consumption; in addition, the main lighting and toilet facilities are using a higher level of energy efficiency.


The building uses a large number of local natural materials, such as natural stone, solid bamboo, etc. The structure is made of concrete and steel structure, and the concrete structure and natural materials can be reused after the end of the building life cycle. The building retains three large trees in the original site, and the main body of the public toilet is suspended on the east side of the hillside in the form of a hanging foot building, which minimizes the damage to the environment of the building. The building adopts environmental protection measures such as rainwater recovery devices. The urinal and the toilet are partially flushed with water. The water comes from rainwater recovery, sink water and so on.

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