Living home

Starting from the idea of ​​a passive house, the result of many discussions with specialists in the field was finally outlined in a “living” home, active in the true sense of the word. The existence of a greenhouse facing north, with solar control glazed elements, placed in the middle of the house, together with high-performance installations (e.g. photovoltaic panels, air-water heat pump, ventilation with heat recovery, floor heating, smart home system) support the reasons by which the indoor environment can adapt on users necessities, both geometrically and as comfort parameters. The relationship of the greenhouse with all around spaces allows maximum visibility, planimetric flexibility and the possibility of closing, where appropriate.

Being a construction on a single level, the dynamism of the spaces is given by the varied geometry of the interior ceilings. The use of a metal structure enabled large openings considering desired relationship of the spaces.

The organization of the U-shaped house, surrounding on 3 sides the greenhouse, let a relatively simple separation, on areas: the night and the day, connected by the access area and the kitchen. The greenhouse can be part of the interior space, by the partial or total opening of the rotating/folding glazing elements on two sides or sliding on other sides. Also, all the transparent elements are provided with black textile blinds in the day areas and matte white ones in the night areas (towards the greenhouse and the courtyard). Some spaces (dining area, main bathroom) also have skylights that clearly contributes to the luminosity of the spaces.

Thanks to all the installations used, there is a relatively simple control of the environment, which can be programmed / viewed / modified from anywhere. Through the direct involvement of the beneficiaries throughout the execution, the attention to the interior details (lighting fixtures, doors continuing the wall surface, furniture, partition screen, paintings, courtyard design, greenhouse plants, etc.) was quite great.

The accessibility of the land from two separate streets facilitated both the organization of the private outdoor space and a better management of the parking spaces, including for the caravan that is an owners’ life part both during many holidays and stay at home periods between them.


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