Luohu District Xingyuan School

Location: Yinhu Road, Qingshuihe street, Luohu District, Shenzhen City, China

Owner/investor: Shenzhen Luohu District Building and Works Department

Architects: Shenzhen General Institute Of Architectural Design And Research CO.,LTD

Project type: School

Design parameters: Comfort

  • The roof greening effectively isolates the radiant heat from the sun at the top. The architectural form is interspersed with ventilation corridors which is used to guide the circulation of the wind. The building adopts environmentally friendly materials aim to ensure the indoor air quality. The top sound-absorbing materials are used to reduce the noise in the classroom.
  • Our architecture make full use of natural light and use the flapping board on the top of the window to avoid glare. Set up direct drinking points around the classroom to ensure the sanitation and convenience of drinking water.

Design parameters: Energy

  • Our architecture rational utilization and make full use of the underground space, and we place the parking space and room which lighting requirements is not high on the ground. But not only that, we also take effective measures to reduce heating and air conditioning system of economizing on land in the end of the energy consumption of the system and distribution system. The artificial lighting in the lighting area is automatically adjusted with the change of natural illumination.
  • What’s more Our building’s lighting products use energy efficient lamps and bring to cooling technology with no evaporation and water consumption.

Design parameters: Environment

  • Reasonable layout of buildings and landscape, protect the original natural water area wetland vegetation in the site, and take ecological compensation measures such as recovery and utilization of clean surface soil; The wind speed of the pedestrian zone around the building one point five meter above the ground is less than 5m/s, the wind speed of the resting area is less than 2m/s, and the outdoor wind speed amplification coefficient is less than 2m/s.
  • Except for the first row of buildings facing the wind, the wind pressure difference between the windward side and the leeward side of the building is not more than 5Pa.


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