Forest House Renovation


It is not easy to get high daylight level with current building, that is going to be reconstructed. New part towards the south, west and east. There were designed big windows in new part which is west-oriented and lots of skylights in living rooms, common room and temporary stay rooms as corridors and toilets. The average KEO for living rooms is 3,3 %. The percentage of windows to the total area is 31,26 %. Places for work have level of illuminance is at least 300 lux. Glazing areas of mansard and windows are oriented to the south, west and east has to be shaded during warm periods. They are also supplemented with natural ventilation according to the orientation. Natural cross ventilation is provided with atrium and openable mansard windows. The air quality is controlled with ventilation system which is implemented in heat exchanging recovery system but also can be supplemented with natural ventilation to keep the CO2 level and humidity low.


One of the main aims was the minimization of energy consumption with optimization of the building design and using of the efficient technologies and materials. Energy efficient solutions of timber-framed construction with fiberglass insulation, which is without thermal bridges, minimize heat loos in Ukrainian climate conditions. The overall energy use is 50,58 kWH/m2 per year. This level of energy reaches with 75% heat recovery system. The supply of electricity is based on 54,5 % renewable energy which is supplied with PV installed on the roof.


The design strategy has been aimed on the using of ecological materials as wood and clay. The timber-frame construction can be self-utilized after 50 years or more. The outer wood surface which is ventilated and protected from rain, reduce the need for surface treatment. The wood used are comes from the forest that are FSC certified. Roof and façade title is made of clay which is traditional material for Ukraine. The clay production also has an EPD certification. Self-cleaning filter cleans up to 90% of rain water flow, that could be used for toilets and gardening.

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