GH2 Ukraine


It has been a basis design parameter to have a minimum daylight level of 5% and it has been reached by use of daylight from 4 orientations in main room, south orientation in bedrooms and flat roof windows in main rooms and sanitary rooms without wall windows. All glazing areas towards the south and west are shaded during warm periods with trees and bushes in front of the house and is supplemented with natural ventilation and thereby the indoor thermal comfort level during hot periods. The air quality in all main rooms is controlled when occupied and the ventilation is optimized to keep the CO2 level and humidity low. Smart home system has an automatic and manual modes and can be controlled with any smartphone, simple switches, or any assistant like OK Google or Siri.


The basic focus within energy has been to minimize the use of energy and to optimize the building design. The heat loos through the climate shell has been minimized using the best insulation solutions, reduce thermal bridges and creating an air tight construction. Thereby the need for energy has reached a level of 18 kWh/m2 and with the supplementary use of energy for hot water, ventilation light etc., the overall energy use is below 38 kWh/m2. The supply of electricity is based on 100% renewable energy from 2 PV station integrated in main and secondary buildings. Also, it supplies more the 75 MWh/year to the net, and earns more 13 000$/year according to Ukrainian Low about green energy.


The design strategy was based on combining parameters of LCA, cost and quality of the building to find the most effective building technology.

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