Gymnasium A+

To maintain thermal comfort in the school premises, mechanical ventilation systems are been included separated by functional purpose of classes and zonal (classes, administrative rooms, sports, in the basic assembly hall, kitchen). In each room is maintained comfortable temperature in summer – due design with to fan coils (cold source is water from a geothermal field with temperature 9-14ºC) with specific focus general ventilation and cooling sections, in the winter – due to general ventilation and heating on Daylight, with the heating section (heat source is water of geothermal fields with 55-45ºC).

Architectural Thermal solutions were aimed at creating maximum comfort for students: the orientation of classrooms Comfort and – South-East, South-West, which provides an insolation regime, and also helps to maximize Ventilation the use of daylight for classroom lighting and save energy. In all classrooms and corridors for the most comfortable acoustic effect applied acoustic ceilings, there are additional acoustic ceiling and wall panels in the music classes, an assembly hall and a lecture hall.

To obtain a high level of energy efficiency and to minimize the consumption of energy from Energy Efficiency outside, the site has applied solutions with renewable energy sources, namely:

  • Installed 6 ground-water heat pumps and a geothermal field, which consists of 165 wells been included in with a depth of 60 m each. This solution allowed to fully meet the needs for hot water, as well the design and as in heating in winter and cooling in the summer. how thoughts on
  • Outdoor illumination is made by lighting supports with solar panels.

The building is equipped with a BMS system for efficient management of engineering energy and energy efficiency systems, reducing energy consumption.

The motto of the school is Learn. Create. Collaborate. and therefore the courtyard is and sourcing of created as a space for various extracurricular activities of students, as well as a meeting materials has been a place and communication after school, which is especially important so that they can part of the design learn to communicate with each other.

The windows of the classrooms and corridors open to the courtyard, which creates a use of water visual connection between the space of the street and the school.

There is a landscape park in front of the main facade of the school. There are trees of different breeds, which came from nursery-gardens of Ukraine and Germany.

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