Primary School & Middle School in Sino-Singapore Tianjin ECO City

All main public spaces in the school have good natural daylighting obtained through skylight. In the middle school section, a shared multi-level atrium facing the park located to the north of the school is set, and skylight is also set for the gymnasium. Thus, the average natural daylighting factor of indoor spaces in the school reaches 2.5%–8.3%. The shape design of the school helps to block the northwest wind and introduce the southeast wind. The south and west windows have shading in suitable forms, and provide good natural ventilation. All classrooms are equipment with fresh air system to improve indoor thermal comfortableness and regulate carbon dioxide concentration.

All main function rooms of the building are facing south, and the high-insulation enclosure system reduces heat loss. VRV air conditioning system that is suitable for school use time further reduces energy use. The energy demand of the school is 46.6 kWh/m2. Hot water demand of canteen and bathroom is totally satisfied by a solar hot water system. The film PV corridor functions both as a supplementary energy source and a place of green education in the school. The renewable energy utilization rate of the building reaches 10%.

Urban ecological corridor is introduced to the school. A hill-like landscape ecological axis is formed between the middle school section and the primary school section, and natural landscapes such as rainwater garden are set on the ecological axis using the low impact development (LID) concept. Reclaimed water is used for toilet and greening irrigation, and each classroom is equipped with direct drinking water system. In terms of fabricated construction system, the building has a concrete assembled structure, and prefabricated beams, plates, stairs and interior walls are used. Local modular box structures form characteristic laboratories. At the same time, roof agriculture, photovoltaic corridor and zero-carbon gardens can be used as an important part of green education.

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