Haus Am Venusgarten

Instead of using his apricot grove for building a new house a visionary farmer wanted to renovate his mother`s farmhouse (parts from the mid-14th century) and to protect the trees and the free landscape.



  • Highly insulated, pre-fabricated walls
  • Intelligent use of windows for passive solar gains
  • Absolutely wind- and airtight building envelope
  • Mechanical ventilation with heat recovery
  • No energy for cooling: roller shutters + ventilative cooling





Comfort / Daylight:

  • Unusual high amount of daylight (average daylight factor of some 9 %); very balanced daylighting
  • High amount of direct light in all living areas


  • Mechanical ventilation + perfectly positioned windows for ventilation
  • Skylights to use the stack-effect for summer comfort
  • Untreated timber for ceiling, floor and walls





  • Increase the living area without using land = intelligent increase of density
  • Sensitively integrated into the old village
  • Untreated, local timber as building material
  • Interaction between the building and the landscape: perfect view towards river Danube





DI Volker Dienst in cooperation with Arch. DI Christoph Feldbacher transformed this old building to a stylish and modern loft – a “house-on–the-house“-concept – with a breath taking view towards river Danube. Inspite of new appearance the planners acted very sensitively and managed to integrate the renovated building very well in the old village. House at Venusgarden is also a perfect example of integrated planning: the architects integrated the structural designers, daylight and light planners and home automation planners from the very early design phase. Each detail has been planned – only because of those facts it was possible to achieve such an outstanding quality in each respect.





Awards: Lower Austrian Timber Award 2014

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