Lake Home

Lake Home is modern house composed of two floors. Designed to accommodate a family of 4. House has a minimum daylight level of 2.8%.


All glazing areas towards the west has to be shaded during warm periods. Lake Home suggest occupants not less than 200C inside air temperature in cold and not less than 260C in hot period by:
-hybrid ventilation;
-zoned heating by “water floor”.
The air quality in all main rooms is controlled when occupied and ensures that CO2 concentration will be less 1150 ppm inside. Air quality sensors in living rooms help to provide optimal air quality. They are:
+ measure inside temperature, humidity, CO2 concentration
+ sent information to occupants.


Lake Home energy demand 98.54 kWh/m2 for all needs:
– 39.43 kWh/m2 energy for space heating;
– 18.01 kWh/m2 energy for hot water;
– 37.66 kWh/m2 energy for ventilation and light.
38 % of energy takes from renewable sources.
61 m2 of photovoltaic cells could produce 10696 kWh electric energy per year.


CO2 emissions into the atmosphere are less than 26 kg/m2 per year. Fresh water consumption in Lake Home is reduced on 10 % in comparison with local legislation. Recycled content for all building materials no more than 13 %. Not less than 75% of wood applied in building from local forest certified by FSC. And no more than 12% of our producers have EPD.

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