Naturfreundehaus Knofeleben

The old hut burned down in April. New building should be much more environmental friendly than the old one and more user-friendly for the demand on modern alpine hut.

“island Solution” (i.e. no water connection, no connection  to the grid)

Therefore mainly energy autarkic

Renewable energy only

South fassade: 70°pitch: 50m² PV elements

14 m² thermal solar collectors; 28 roof windows for passive solar gains

Wooden boiler for the guest room ; wooden oven for the kitchen

High insulated thermal envelope; high standard of air-tightness

Some concrete walls as thermal mass to store the heat

Snow will be “stored” on the roof and  in cisterns to be used either for grey water or conditioned for drinking water


High amount of daylight (daylight factor of min. 3 %)

Fresh air via electric controlled VELUX roof windows in the sleeping area

Ecological concept: most surfaces are untreated wood  which gives a huge sorption capacity

Solid concrete ceiling in the ground floor for a perfect footfall sound protection

; construction August 2011 – March 2012 (planned) planned opening: April 2012)


Pefect reaction to the very specific plot

South orientation

70° façade south: keeps free of snow and permits solar gains for the windows, the PV

Flat sloped roof to store snow to use it for water

  • Form follows energy!

Amazing view (in the sleeping rooms: window-combination from the bed to the ceiling

On the same place and the same external dimensions as the old hut but more net area by intelligent planning

High quality outdoor terraces (partially protected by the building)

Safer by using smoke ventilation


End of may 2011 – end of July 2011; construction August 2011 – March 2012 (planned) planned opening: April 2012)

Naturfreundehaus Knofeleben got awarded with the austrian ecolabel in May 2012.


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