Comfort: PassivDom is the unique technology, which combines energy efficiency, full autonomy and mobility. Wherever you are – in the centre of New York or high up in the Andes Mountains, PassivDom will create the ideal conditions for living. The house is 100% energy self-sufficient, it heats and conditions air and it is equipped with water storage.



PassivDom is 100% Eco-friendly: PassivDom uses only sun energy and has ZERO carbon emission.

PassivDom doesn’t need in electricity or gas, the house is heated through a solar energy. Its inhabitants can forget about utility bills and also enjoy the ecologically clean way of life.


Extremely warm windows allow to realize complete impermeability and bring glazing facade area — to the value of 50%. We challenged a difficult task — to create windows as warm as walls. That is why there are really big windows in houses that let a lot of light inside.

Anti-seismic and wind resistant carcass meets the maximum requirements. Taking into account the record strength of the frame and the energy supply simplicity, the PassivDom can be regarded as an ideal safe use in seismic areas or any other areas of disasters.

Due to the self-regulating ventilation the comfort and healthy microclimate of PassivDom is much higher than ordinary houses have. A self-learning microclimate system creates favorable conditions inside the house: maintains an ideal temperature and humidity, monitors the oxygen and carbon dioxide content.


Energy: PassivDom is 100% energy-independent and provides itself with the solar energy in any climate. The house doesn’t need the combustion of gas, coal or any other fuel. ZERO carbon emission preserves nature and makes PassivDom environmentally friendly.

It has the lowest heat loss in the world among residential buildings — from 18.6 W/°C. Costs for heating and air conditioning are less than 8 kWh/m² per year. The thermal conductivity of the material of the walls amounts to lambda value = 0.018 W/m²K.

Windows in PassivDom exceed at least twice all the best windows in the world in heat and noise insulation characteristics: today U-value performance up to 0.23 W/m²K. Such a complex and layered glazing allows to realize complete impermeability and bring glazing facade area — to the value of 50%.

The guaranteed term of preservation parameters of the material is 40 years.

Environment: PassivDom is a very warm house, it can be used even in Arctic climate conditions without using any fuel. The house uses only clean solar power and doesn’t need the combustion of gas, coal or any other fuel.

Zero-emission pathway preserves nature and makes PassivDom environmentally friendly.

PassivDom has a water storage (1000L) and filtration system. It cleans greywater using reverse osmosis. This water can be reused for household purposes.

Autonomous BIO sewer system enables to receive fertilizer for gardening.


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