Single family house – NAMAS KOPOS (House “Dunes”)

Prefab eco house with great visual attraction. Idea behind the house was to have lean living place with comfort and saved energy.

Floor heating (Wavin) and hot water  is suplied by aero-thermic heat pump (Daikin). Solar thermal collectors for hot water are installed (VELUX). Smart thermostats (Danfoss link)

Wood burning stove will be installed

Window blinds opeable by remote control and solar energy will save energy in winter nights and passive solar gains will give extra heat during days.

Summer night cooling will be by natural pulse and stack ventilation.



The building is a south oriented and its roofs-facades with a lot of roof windows brings a huge controlled daylight inside the building. Then it is aggressive summer sun, all south facade will be closed with shading and light will penetrate the building from north faced roofs. Byuilding is naturally, cross ventilated throught remote operable windows and flaps.



House stands in ex- collective gardens territory, which is now  a suburb with city status and commuting distance of a city centre. Plot is standart 6 ares (636 m2). Plot has its  own surface water tube for summer time watering.

Water is supplied by own local drilled water wells. System is constant pressure and pump by Grundfos. Filter installed for fresh water.

One floor, 2 bedroom living house for a young 3 person family. Timber frame panels were produced off-site and  assembled on the plot later durind 2 days. Total floor area 92 m2.

It is a possibility to make one extra room beside.

Roof covering – UltraPly TPO (Firestone) membrane. Makes cool roof

Facades – local pine shingles

Insulation – Paroc mineral wool (25 cm ext walls, 30 cm in roof panels)

Interior boarding – Vidiwall by Knauf ,  veneer plywood and spruce siding.

Roof windows and facade windows with 3 layer insulating glass units.


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