The Wilkins House

The design is based on a passive design strategy that maximizes the benefits of daylight, solar gains and natural ventilation to create environmental comfort and in some cases delight of the occupants.


All inhabitable areas can be occupied without the use of electric light in the hours of daylight. Orientation of principal rooms has been organized to benefit from optimum solar conditions and to enable occupants to enjoy views either into sheltered courts or to the wider landscape.

Thermal comfort is enhanced through underfloor heating which is also zoned for occupant control.

The energy strategy has been to save energy through a well insulated fabric. U values are 0.15w/m2/oc. This is allied to the use of an air source heat pump and a 4kw Photovoltaic Array.

Predictions estimated an energy level of 20 kWh/m2 and with the supplementary use of energy for hot water, ventilation light etc, the overall energy use is below 40 kWh/m2.


By the use of a heat pump with a COP of 3.5, the final need of energy has reached a level of 20 kWh/m2.The supply of electricity is based on 30% renewable energy in the grid and the supplementary renewable energy are supplied with PV installed on the garage.

A masonry structure was chosen in order for the house to benefit from high thermal mass and is based on the expectation that the fabric will last in excess of 100 years.

All timber is FSC certificated.

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