Xiamutang Tourist Center

Comfort is the basic requirement for this renovated building. Some design strateies are appllied to this project. Firstly, the roof is reformed. The designed roof has mounted thermal insulatin layer. Meanwhile, the openable skylights are installed in the roof. Secondly, the first
floor sets a void in the center, which makes daylight penetrate to the ground from the roof. The voids among partition walls, first floor and skylight become the airflow channel which is helpful for natural ventilation. Above all, its insulation is improved largely. Thermal insulation is set to the external walls and double glazing Low-e glass windows replace the old ones.

The energy demand has been minimized by the building design optimization. The high performance insulation is installed in building external walls and roof, the windows prefers to double glazing Low-e glass windows in order to reduce heating and cooling load. The LED lamps and controller reduce the electricity demand. The total energy demand is below 40.5 kWh/m2. By the use of a heat pump with a COP of 3.5, the final need of energy has reached a level of 25 kWh/m2. The renewable energy from the PV installed on the roof is used to supply for lighting and battery charging for the visitors.

This building concept respects the LCA principle. As the existing residential building, it conserves the old structure and walls. The demolished bricks and tiles are applied to the pavement. The local building material, such as wood and bricks are used in the project. Recycled materials, such as steel, glass and wood are the main building materials in this project. The water saving and sanitary appliances are used in the project. The rainwater from roof is collected for irrigation and cleaning the road.

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