ZEMP House


An average daylight level is 5.9%, and it has been reached by use of daylight from all orientations in all main rooms and half of the bathrooms. All glazing areas has to be shaded. Automated sun shading systems save energy for heat, light and cooling. The use of sun shading systems at windows surfaces cuts energy costs during the heating period. The air quality in all main rooms is controlled when occupied and the hybrid ventilation is optimized to keep the co2 level and humidity low. Automated windows and skylights are provided the natural ventilation and indoor thermal comfort.


The basic focus within energy has been to minimize the use of energy and to optimize the building design. The heat loss through the climate shell has been minimized using innovative insulation solutions, reduce thermal bridges and creating an airtight construction. With the supplementary use of energy for hot water, ventilation, light etc., the overall energy use is around 31 kWh/m2 (by the use of a heat pump with a COP of 3.5).The supply of electricity is based on 14.4% renewable energy in the grid and the supplementary 47% renewable energy are supplied with PV installed on the roof and facade.


The walls consist of hemp blocks. Hemp blocks have an environmental certificate and each consists from 4.5 kg of CO2. Hemp panels are used for floors. The design of commercial floor on the load bearing structure has been based on an expectation that the concrete structure will be reused when the building is out of use after 100 years. The load bearing structure of residential floors is based on hemp blocks, hemp boards and a wooden structure that. The wood used are certified and comes from forests that are FSC certified. The hemp blocks have an environmental certificate and each consists from 4.5 kg of CO2. In order to reduce the use of water a structure for use of rain water for toilets and gardening has been established.



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