How a house overlooking the Garda Lake can combine comfort and respect for its surrounding environment – the Active House example


Looking for a dream house in Italy?

You should probably check out the House of Garda Lake, designed by architect Eileen Meyer, because this private residence located in northern Italy has it all. It combines environmental friendliness with indoor comfort and it is perfectly tailored for the surrounding environment.

The glass lakeside facade creates a direct connection with the greenery and the lake, providing a truly unique view that will bring you closer to nature.IMG_3984

The main windows look North allowing plenty of summer light in the main rooms.  The spacious balcony also helps to maintain a seamless transition between indoors and outdoors.

Open living spaces, double height and the connection of rooms permits light to flow in all directions.

The simple architectural shapes help to minimize heat through the climate shell and few remaining thermal bridges are resolved. Indeed, the focus has been to minimize energy consumption in winter and also in summer, optimizing the design of the building.

lake4This house has been developed following the Active House principles: indoor comfort ensuring a healthy environment for its occupant, energy efficiency, and respect for the environment by using recycled and environmentally-friendly materials.

ah_contestThe parameters used to design and build the house meet the criteria needed to take part to the Active House label contest. If successful the project will be awarded an Active House label, increasing the prestige and value and officially recognizing the respect of the Active House principles. A jury will select the winner, following an analysis of the project participating to the award.

Architects, house builders, designers and students can submit their projects on the Active House website until 1 October, while the final winner will be chosen between the shortlisted projects and will be awarded with an Active House label in mid-November.

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