Launch of the New European Bauhaus capacity building programme for the reconstruction of Ukraine on the 16 March at 15:00 CET

As a partner of the New European Bauhaus, the Active House Alliance is proud to share the invitation to join the launch event of the NEB Capacity-building Programme for reconstruction of Ukraine.

This programme that was announced by Commission President Ursula von der Leyen in Kyiv in February will provide both inspiration and practical help for municipalities involved in the reconstruction and rebuilding of Ukraine and promote the values of the New European Bauhaus, sustainability, aesthetics and inclusion, as a guiding principle for the reconstruction. All those values are in the Active House Alliance’s DNA since Day 1.

Capacity-Building for Ukrainian Public Authorities and Designers

As a first pilot project, the NEB set up a series of online webinars around the sustainable and inclusive reconstruction of Ukraine that will start in March. They are based on the findings of the experts and organised by and with the Ukrainian NGOs Ro3kvit, ReThink, and the Architects’ Council of Europe.

The mid and long-term objectives are to provide tangible and practical help for rebuilding in local communities while improving competences and expertise of Ukrainian actors.

The courses will cover the following topics:

Introduction to Capacity Building for Reconstruction

The Introductory module will set the political frame of the capacity building, which aims for sustainable and inclusive reconstruction. It will give participants an overview of the three courses that will follow so they canassess whether the webinars would be of interest for their municipality.

Module 1 – Getting organised for reconstruction

Module 1 will introduce possible models of cooperation between different actors in Hromada’s reconstruction and ways to ensure the inclusiveness of the process. In particular, it will explore best practices for resources assessment and distribution, participatory tools, and funding possibilities.

Module 2 – Circularity and Energy Efficiency

Module 2 will highlight opportunities for sustainable and inclusive reconstruction in Ukraine. It will present ways to include the principles of circularity in the post-war Hromada’s development strategy, exploring solutions for smart distributed grids, autonomous energy, or chemical/physical recovery of materials.

Module 3 – Housing Redevelopment and Maintenance

Module 3 will examine the problem of housing inaccessibility and the general condition of housing provision in Ukraine. It will explore different models of housing and the possible roles of municipalities in housing management, as well as the relationship between housing and other sectors such as social security or urban planning.

The introductory module will take place on the 16th March at 16:00 (EET) and can be followed live by all interested stakeholders here (see QR code).

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