The Active House Alliance launched its new Guidelines on building design at its General Assembly on 23 March 2015 in Brussels. Implementing the basic rules described in there will help architects and engineers in their conceptual design of sustainable buildings, adapted to future demands.

At the event, Active House also presented its related tools, outlined its best practices and successful projects which have been performed by respecting the Active House concept. On this exclusive occasion, the yearly gathering of Active House members, where the new Board of Directors and Advisory Committee have been voted, was open for like-minded companies and organisations of the sector.

Completing the Active House Guidelines is an important step to describe in detail why Active House is different. It elaborates its mission and its key values: creating healthy and comfortable lives for the buildings’ occupants without negatively influencing the climate and environment. With the Guidelines, parties will get a full understanding about the parameters being evaluated and the holistic approach. The approach which tries to find the right balance between indoor climate conditions, energy consumption and impact on the environment while remaining affordable.

The Guidelines document is intended to be used in the conceptual design stage of an Active House. The Guidelines allow construction experts to better focus on the three main indictors: Comfort, Energy and Environment. Furthermore, it also takes into account topics that should be considered in the very early design phase of an Active House. In addition, it discusses essential principles that influence the performance of an Active House. To complement the Guidelines, the Active House Specifications, the Active House Radar and Calculation tool – which are all available for free for building professionals through the Association’s webpage -, operate as specific tools to measure the ambition and the performance of an Active House described in the Guidelines.


For the new Active House Guidelines on building design, see here.

For the Press Release on the launch of the Guidelines, see here.

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