The Active House Alliance met in Copenhagen for its Annual General Meeting

On the 16th of May, the Active House Alliance convened in Copenhagen for its Annual General Meeting. This gathering provided a distinguished platform for members to engage in meaningful networking activities such as visiting the remarkable Living Places by VELUX, and engaging in fruitful discussions regarding the Association’s remarkable developments.

In a subsequent meeting held last June, the Active House Alliance reconvened virtually to review and formally approve the budgets, as well as deliberate upon the newly established composition of the esteemed Board of Directors and the Board Advisory Committee. This significant occasion ensured that all necessary decisions were made with utmost care and transparency.

Moreover, this noteworthy gathering also served as an opportune moment for the Board Advisory Committee (BAC) to come together and exchange valuable insights. Notably, Alexander Kucheravy graced us with his presence and delivered an enlightening presentation. His profound knowledge and expertise were truly appreciated by all.

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