The Active House Alliance

The Active House Alliance

Board members
Workgroup members

The Active House Alliance is a non-profit association (VZW/ASBL) founded pursuant to the provisions of Title I of the Belgian Act of 27 June 1921 as modified by the Act of 2 May 2002 and which will apply for everything that is not foreseen in these statutes.

The registered head office of the Association is rue Washington 40, 1050 Brussels, Belgium, in the judicial district of Brussels.

Ambition of the Alliance

The ambition for the Alliance is – in the common interest of its members -to create a viable, independent and international influential alliance, which supports the vision of buildings that create healthier and more comfortable lives for their residents without impacting negatively on the climate and environment – thus moving us towards a cleaner, healthier and safer world.

Our wish is that Active House becomes the future principle for new buildings and renovation.

Values of the Alliance:

  • Open dialogue between partners
  • Engagement in the development
  • Holistic approach to design of buildings
  • Credible communication and dialogue

Objectives, Activities and Deliverables

The Active House Alliance will ensure a close cross-sectoral collaboration to enhance visibility
and fast track development between the partners in the alliance and create valuable knowledge for relevant partners in society.


Strategy and Work programme 2014-2016

The strategy focus for 2014-2016 is sector influence and market development through political influence on sustainable buildings based on the Active House vision and principles, demonstration of the Active House vision through existing and new projects, and commercial focus on development of a classification system, tools and guidelines for the sector.

The Work Programme gives an overview of specific Active House Activities as identified in the strategy 2014-2016.


The Active House Secretariat is hosted by Cabinet DN, rue d’Arlon 25, 1050 Brussels, Belgium.


Contact person Petra Pálfi

Board Members

Board of Advisory Committee (BAC) – period 2017-2019

  • Tad Putyra, Great Gulf Homes (Chair)
  • Per Heiselberg, Aalborg University
  • Hanne Sjoeberg, Schneider Electric
  • Marco Imperadori, Politecnico di Milano
  • Peder Vejsig, Cenergia
  • TBD, VELUX Group

Board of Directors (BOD) – period 2017-2019

  • Yves Lambert, Renson (Chair)
  • Emilia-Cerna Mladin, AAEC
  • Franz Hauk, VFF
  • Bas Hasselaar, DGMR
  • Michael Walter, VELUX Group

Workgroup Members

Demonstration & Specification Work Group:

  • Kurt Emil Eriksen, Velux/Active House Secretary General – Chair of the WG
  • Amdi Schjødt Worm, Danish Technological INSTITUTE (DTI)
  • Carsten Rode, Technical University of Denmark
  • Nicolas Galiotto, Velux
  • Per Anhøj Kruse, Schmidt/Hammer/Lassen Architects
  • Sebas Veldhuisen, Rockwool
  • Yves Lambert, Renson


Knowledge sharing Work Group:

  • Amdi Schjødt Worm, Danish Technological INSTITUTE (DTI)
  • Eileen Meyer, Passive House Institute Italy
  • Emilia-Cerna Mladin, AAECR Romania
  • Kurt Emil Eriksen, Velux/Active House Secretary General
  • Per Anhøj Kruse, Schmidt/Hammer/Lassen Architects

Ad-Hoc members:

  • Carsten Rode, Technical University of Denmark
  • István Kistelegdi, University of Pécs (Hungary)


Communication Work Group:

  • Richard Beuhorry, Somfy/Active House Chair – Chair of the WG
  • Emmanuel Valentin, Saint Gobain
  • Kurt Emil Eriksen, Velux/Active House Secretary General
  • Marine Faber, BPIE
  • Yves Lambert, Renson

Supporting members:

  • Petra Pálfi, Active House Secretariat
  • Silvia Paleari, Active House Secretariat
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