10th Anniversary

10th Anniversary

The Active House Alliance will proudly celebrate its 10th Anniversary on 21/10/21. After 10 years of successfully promoting a holistic, people-centric approach to sustainable buildings, it is time to take status, reflect on our work to date, and discuss the next 10 years ahead for the Alliance.

On its 10th anniversary, Active House invites members and thought leaders of holistic and sustainable buildings to join for a reflection on their journey to date and to share their thoughts about the future.

But celebrations are also good opportunities to look back. How to best look back then to launch a special 10th Anniversary Award.

The Jury will be chaired by Prof Marco Imperadori.

“10 years of Active House Alliance is a great achievement and all projects following this philosophy have proved to be creative and innovative towards a better future in designing architectures. Energy – Comfort – Environment are goals that can bring designers in a new perspective of parallel Empathy with our Planet and us as Humans. I am honored to be again the Jury president and thrilled to celebrate this important milestone, looking at the future as the New Bauhaus asks”

Marco Imperadori

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