Presentation of webinar on Designing & Living in Mediterranean Active House

On 24 September Active House held a free webinar entitled “Designing & Living in Mediterranean Active House: assessment on climate and users impact on energy and indoor comfort”. During the session the Alliance welcomed its guest speaker Ing Arianna Bramilla from the Department A.B.C. of Politecnico di Milano.

Ms Bramilla presented the robustness of the Active House Specification (AHS) solution, which tries to keep a universal validity and a wide adaptation for buildings. Recently the AHS has been tested in three different Italian cities from a very hot climate to a more continental one including Palermo, Roma and Milan, and related results have been discussed during the interactive webinar. The objective of the dialogue was to better understand the resilience that an Active House could provide according to different users scenarios both from an energy point of view and the indoor comfort.


Did you happen to miss the webinar organized by the Knowledge Sharing Working Group of the Active House Alliance? Click on the presentation below to learn more about it!


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